Ambition; a strong desire to do or achieve something. The nature of ambition has been explored throughout literature, for hundreds of years. Various authors, poets, directors and more have interpreted their ideas through the nature of ambition, and this is inflicted through their characters struggle for success. There are many different ways this is done […]

In the 1997 film, Gattaca, director Andrew Nicoll applies his work in a modernised and discriminative world where characters are determined valid or invalid by the superiority of their genes. One idea that stands out to me, is that ‘there is no gene for the human spirit’. He presents this through the struggle that Vincent […]

(1:19:51)  Shot 1: Car Long shot (High angle) Shot 2: Vincent Mid shot (Low angle) Shot 3: Jerome Mid shot (Level angle) Shot 4: Vincent Mid shot (Low angle) Shot 5: Jerome Mid shot (Level angle) Shot 6: Vincent Mid shot (Low Angle) Shot 7: Jerome Close up (Level Angle) Shot 8: Vincent Mid shot […]

Act 5, Scene 9 Summary Location: Dunsinane, within the castle Characters: Malcolm, Siward, Rosse, Macduff, thanes and soldiers Events: Rosse informs Siward that his son has been killed, but died a brave death. Macduff enters with Macbeth’s head. Malcolm rewards the thanes by making them earls. He explains what now has to be done, and […]

Act 5, Scene 8 Summary Location: Another part of the field. Characters: Macbeth, Macduff Events: Macbeth and Macduff meet in battle. Macbeth says he cannot be defeated by anyone woman-born, before Macduff reveals he was ‘untimely ripped’ from his mother’s womb. Macbeth is dismayed and refuses to fight, but soon realises he rather fight to […]

Act 5, Scene 7 Summary Location: The same. Another part of the plain. Characters: Macbeth, Young Siward, Macduff, Siward, Malcolm Events: Macbeth is sure that he has nothing to fear, for he cannot be harmed by any man born from a woman. Young Siward (Siward’s son) enters and faces Macbeth in battle. Macbeth kills Young […]

Act 5, Scene 6 Summary Locaion: Dunsinane, a plain before the castle. Characters: Malcolm, Old Siward, Macduff, and their army, with boughs Events: Malcolm gives orders on the attack. Siward says that they are only there to encounter Macbeth’s army and to let them fight or be defeated. Quote/s: “Fare you well. Do we but […]

Act 5, Scene 5 Summary Location: Dunsinane, within the castle Characters: Macbeth, Seyton, and soldiers Events: Macbeth brags that his castle can withstand any siege without doubt. Suddenly, a woman’s cry is heard. Seyton exits to investigate and soon comes back with dreadful news. Macbeth expresses his fear before Seyton announces the Queen is dead. […]

Act 5, Scene 4 Summary Location: Country near Dunsinane. A wood in view. Characters: Malcolm, Old Siward and his son, Macduff, Menteth, Cathness, Angus, Lenox, Rosse, and Soldiers Events: Malcolm hopes that there will soon be a day where everyone will be able to sleep safely in their beds, without fear of Macbeth. He orders […]

Act 5, Scene 3 Summary Location: Dunsinane, a room in the castle Characters: Macbeth, Doctor, Seyton, Servant, and attendants Events: A servant delivers news of an approaching army, to Macbeth. He tries to comfort himself with the Witches prediction. Macbeth realises it is not possible for him to live a well-respected and relaxed life in […]