15th May 2018

Macbeth – Act 5, Scene 7

Act 5, Scene 7 Summary

Location: The same. Another part of the plain.
Characters: Macbeth, Young Siward, Macduff, Siward, Malcolm
Events: Macbeth is sure that he has nothing to fear, for he cannot be harmed by any man born from a woman. Young Siward (Siward’s son) enters and faces Macbeth in battle. Macbeth kills Young Siward and exits as Macduff enters. Malcolm and Old Siward enter Macbeth’s castle.
Quote/s: “They have tie me to a stake: I cannot fly,
But, bear-like, I must fight the course. – What’s he
That was not born of woman? Such a one
Am I to fear, or none.”

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