14th May 2018

Macbeth – Act 5, Scene 4

Act 5, Scene 4 Summary

Location: Country near Dunsinane. A wood in view.
Characters: Malcolm, Old Siward and his son, Macduff, Menteth, Cathness, Angus, Lenox, Rosse, and Soldiers
Events: Malcolm hopes that there will soon be a day where everyone will be able to sleep safely in their beds, without fear of Macbeth. He orders every soldier to cut a branch of Birnam wood and carry it in front of him to hide the size of their army. Malcolm reports that followers of all ranks have fled when they saw the opportunity. Siward then says that the time approaches where they must advance the war.
Quote/s: “‘T is his main hope;
For where there is advantage to be gone,
Both more and less have given him the revolt,
And none serve with him but constraíned things,
Whose hearts are absent too.”

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